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IGN: therealgs_
over 2 years ago

Hi! I am new to the server joined yesterday and enjoyed it a lot. I got some suggestions that would make it more fun in my opinion.

1. Mcmmo! MCMMO is an amazing plugin that fits 1.16.5 and would make skyblock amazing. For me, I love the pickaxe and axe MCMMO ability because it helps me get more of the resources I need.
2. Alias for certain commands like to invite someone you have to do ./is team invite, but it would be more simple to make it ./is invite. Next, for the commands.
3. This is more of a perk suggestion, which is a sell wand. Basically, it is a stick that sells everything in a chest and furnace so it is a power tool with the command /sell all and you can put restrictions so it isn't permanent. It makes it a lot easier to sell everything and gets money for the server.

Thanks for reading what I wrote! Hopefully, you guys like my ideas/suggestions. 

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HyriseMC Owner
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IGN: DogMaster308
over 2 years ago

Hey therealgs!

Thank you so much for the awesome suggestions! We will definitely be taking these into consideration, they sound great. Thank you so much for your feedback and support!