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IGN: DogMaster308
over 2 years ago

Below are the official HyriseMC regulations.

You are automatically agreeing to abide to these rules by playing
on our network. We want to provide a welcoming and friendly environment to all players of all ages. Please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with our rules below. We thank you for taking the time to do this. Together, we will make HyriseMC a home for all.

Moderators and staff will monitor and regulate chat, website, discord, gameplay, etc, as they see fit best according to the HyriseMC rules below. They hold the power to punish if necessary. We also rely on you, our players, to help maintain code of conduct.

If you see something, say something. We take pride in HyriseMC being a safe place for everyone. If you see something you do not like, whether it be from a staff member or another player; please report this to a staff member and we will further discus the situation. Escalation will take place if needed.

We thank you once again for your contribution in making HyriseMC a safe haven.

General HyriseMC Rules:
Respect everyone. No bullying, hate speach, racism, etc. Failing to comply with this will result in a warning, followed by a mute or ban if actions persist.

No advertising such as servers, websites, etc. As above, this too will result in a mute or ban after a warning is given.

Keep everything rated E, no NSFW. No inappropriate texts, chats, builds, images, innuendos, etc.
We want HyriseMC to be a safe place for people of all ages. Please keep things family friendly.

No impersonating other players, staff, etc.

All Servers:
We do not allow any form of hacking, or anything that gives you an advantage in game.
Failing to comply will result in a warning followed by a ban if the hack is not removed.
Our creative server is the only exception. We do allow certain spawn in cosmetic items as long as they do not
impact the gameplay experience of another player. Staff will regulate this and remove items as they see fit. Feel free to ask if you are uncertain about an item.

No asking staff for free items, money, kits, World Edit, etc. We will not give players an unfair advantage.

Server Specific Rules:

Grief is not allowed. You are not allowed to edit, change, or modify the build of another player without their consent.
If you trust another player to build in your land claim, then any grief done by this player automatically is your responsibility.

No grief or raiding allowed. Respect the builds and property of others, and always ask first. Many times our players will be more than happy to lend you a helping hand, as long you ask them beforehand.

Dropped loot in the arena is free game. If you die and lose your inventory in the arena then your items will be left on the ground for anyone else to pick them up. We are not able to give you back your items.

Same rules apply as above. Respect the builds of other's.

Teaming with players who are not on your team is not allowed.

Private messaging another player after you have been killed by reveling game changing information (such as someone's location) is also not allowed.

All other servers follow the general HyriseMC regulations.

Staff hold rights to punishment even if something is not necessarily listed on this list.
If a player is interrupting gameplay, chat, or website flow then staff may take action.

We thank you for agreeing to these rules and for following them.
With your help, we are able to maintain a welcoming environment for everyone.

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